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DDS is a dental company, but really we're in the business of certainty. At a time when far too many products and partners can't be counted on, we consistently deliver the highest quality ceramics and the highest-touch service to our lab partners. They depend on it. We demand it of ourselves.
We've built our business on that promise, and many of our partners have built their businesses on it too. Because with DDS our partners know what to expect. In fact they're certain of it.

We have released a new line of end mills developed for the advancing field of dental prosthetics manufacturing. The milling tools feature carbide construction, cutting geometries and coatings that have been engineered specifically for use with today’s dental materials. The new tool line consists of solid carbide ball nose and torus end mills which are designed for optimum machining of zirconium oxide, Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), wax, cobalt chrome, and titanium – the most commonly used materials in making dental prosthetics. Both types of cutters have a radius tolerance of up to /- .005 mm and a diameter tolerance of .01 mm. Ball nose cutters are available in cutting diameters ranging from 0.4 to 6mm. Torus end mills are available in cutting diameters of 3 and 4mm. Solid carbide ball nose end mills are ideal for roughing and finishing, and their optimized geometry provides greater stability in long reach applications. The tapered neck ball nose end mills provide greater rigidity against deflection and are optimal for finishing and rest material machining. Torus end mills are available with two or four flutes, offering exceptional performance for roughing in cobalt chrome and titanium . Such dental end mills are available with a variety of coatings including dd-X ,and dd-S which protects the tool from premature wear when machining non-precious metal alloys, dd-C which prevents the material from sticking to the cutting edge of the tool when milling PMMA and wax, and a diamond ,and dd-B coating which ensures extremely long tool life when machining zirconium oxide.

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