DDS 3D White Zirconia Blocks

Unique 3D White, which leaves you more space of dyeing and imagination!

layer  Proportion Vickers


Strength(MPa)  Translucency
layer 1 20% ≥1250 ≥750  



layer 2 20% ≥1270 ≥920
layer 3 20% ≥1290 ≥950
layer 4 20% ≥1310 ≥1000
layer 5 20% ≥1350 ≥1100,≤1250


Unique Dyeing System

White but Translucent with Natural Gradient

Flexible Coloring to Make Teeth More Natural


DDS 3D White is intended for the fabrication and preparation of copings, full anatomical/ full
contour crowns, bridges up to three uints, inlays, and onlays for anterior restorations.
Note:Directing arrow is marked on the label of multilayer blanks, which points to insical surface.

Chemical Composition

Component Content
ZrO2+HfO2 >90.5wt%
Y2O3 9.28wt%
AL2O3 <0.5wt%
Other Oxides <0.5wt%


Projects Detection result
Sintering Density ≥6.0g/cm³
Bending Strength ≥750MPa
Vickers Hardness 1250HV
Chemical Solubility <100μg/m²