Super High Translucent Zirconia Blank

High strength and toughness, excellent corrosion resistance and long-term stability; mainly used for bridges and posterior teeth.

Physical and chemical properties

Model   SHT
  Standards  Test results
Density (after sintering) 6.05±0.05 g/cm3 6.03g/cm3
Chemical solubility >900MPa 1050MPa
Chemical solubility 100μg/cm2 63μg/cm2
Vickers hardness 1200HV 1293HV
CTE (10±0.5) Complied
Radioactivity 0.1Bq•g-1 Complied
Translucency 47%-49%


SHT Biological Properties

Items ISO10993 Standards


Test results
Cytotoxicity test Cytotoxicity<=1 No cytotoxicity
Sensitization test Sensitization not allowed No sensitization
Oral mucosa irritation test lrritation not allowed No Stimulation
Acute systemic toxicity test Sensitization not allowed No acute oral toxicity
Genotoxicity test  Avirulent  AMES test:negative


SHT 98*10mm   98*12mm    98*14mm   98*16mm    98*18mm   98*20mm    98*22mm  98*25mm